ALMA, a Human Voice

Alone with her ghosts, we meet a woman torn between love and violence,  tragedy and farce, celebrated muses and ordinary housewives, kept alive by a voice on the phone.

Alma, a Human Voice is a drag queen one person play. It is inspired by two kind of love madness: the first belonging to Oskar Kokoschka, who made a life-size doll of his lover Alma Mahler; the second, to the anonymous woman on the phone in Cocteau’s “Human voice”.

Two very different female figures: Alma Mahler is a free, independent soul, a kind of  muse and almost personification of art itself, the other woman is mediocre, without heroism or an identity. In both cases, the focus is on a man’s violent behaviour towards a woman. Why does he behave like this?                            In “The Human voice”, he doesn’t feel enough love. In Kokoschka’s case, he actually feels too much love.

In the background, Cocteau and Kokoschka, who try to create an imaginary woman, the first through writing, the second through art. Onstage, we see a male actor attempting to attain an elusive feminine essence, even if he knows he will never get there. His search for Alma, or for love,  or for the perfect form for representing a woman, overlap and intertwine. The solitude brought about by the love and the solitude of the artist go hand in hand, alive in the very same room.

Alma, a Human voice puts love and creativity centre stage, with all the frustration and exaltation they may entail.


a Nina’s Drag Queens‘ show
dramaturgy and interpretation: Lorenzo Piccolo
direction: Alessio Calciolari
assistant director: Ulisse RomanĂ²
tutor: Daria Deflorian                                                                                                                                                                                              translation: Maggie Rose
costumes and scenes:  Rosa Mariotti
lighting design: Andrea Violato
technician: Adriana Renna
sound design: Silvia Laureti
recording and mixing: Pietro Paroletti

production: Aparte – Ali per l’arte
co-production: Danae Festival
with the contribution of: Fondazione Cariplo  for the project fUNDER35
show selected by: NEXT Lab 2016 â€“ Lumbardy Region and Kilowatt Festival (“Italia dei Visionari”project)
thanks to:  IT festival, Open It project


VIDEO (Eng subtitles) PROMO / FULL VIDEO